India is a land of rich culture, history, and heritage. But as our nation progresses towards modernization, it also faces the challenge of dealing with mounting levels of waste and pollution. That’s why events like the Clean India Expo are crucial in building a sustainable future for our country. This year’s expo promises to be bigger and better than ever before, showcasing innovative solutions that can help us create cleaner and greener communities throughout India. So let’s dive into this exciting event that aims to transform how we live, work, and play – all for the good of our beloved homeland!

The Clean India Expo is a multi-sectoral event that provides a platform opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to meet, connect & collaborate with direct buyers, distributors, contractors, influencers, decision-makers, consultants, government bodies, JV partners, trading partners and many other interested stakeholders from the waste management industry. The event will be held from 27th – 29th March 2023 at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The three-day event will have an exhibition, conferences, and B2G & B2B meetings. The exhibition will showcase the latest environment-friendly technology and products from across the globe. The conference will have plenary sessions and technical sessions on various topics related to environmental protection and management. The B2G & B2B meetings will provide an opportunity for policymakers, industry representatives and other stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on issues of mutual interest and importance.

Smart Cities Series

In an effort to showcase the various video interviews and fireside chats with Directors of Smart Cities Mission (MoHUA), Smart City CEOs, Municipal Commissioners, and leading Industry stalwarts, India has launched “Let’s Talk Smart Cities”. This series provides detailed insight into the inner workings of these cities and how they are utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to improve the lives of their citizens. Through these interviews, viewers will get a better understanding of what it takes to make a city smart and how these leaders are working tirelessly to make their cities more livable, sustainable, and efficient. Check out these interviews with experts here.

Innovative Products on Sustainable Development

The Swachh Bharat Mission is all about creating a cleaner, greener future for India. find latest innovations. This year’s Clean India Expo will showcase some of the most innovative and sustainable products on the market today. From new and improved waste management solutions to green building materials and more, this event has something for everyone. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore business opportunities, form the right clientele for your sustainable solutions, and see first-hand the potential of the Indian market.

On display will be innovative products on Municipal Waste Cleaning and Collection Equipment, Environment Consultant and NGOs, Recycling Equipment and Services, Waste-to-Energy, Solid Waste, Hygiene and Sanitation Solutions, Pollution Control & Monitoring Systems, Industrial Cleaning and Facility Management – just to name a few. This is your chance to tap into something big and make a difference. So don’t miss out – Register today!

In recent years, India has made significant strides in sustainable development. The country has set ambitious targets for renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency. It is also working to improve access to clean water and sanitation.

The Clean India Expo is a major trade fair that showcases innovative products and technologies that can help India meet its sustainable development goals. The event is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and provides a platform for companies to showcase their latest products and solutions.

Exhibition Diversity

The exhibition will bring together distinguished leaders, policymakers, and industry experts from around the world to discuss topics related to sustainability and how we can create a sustainable society.

The exhibition will cover a wide range of sectors such as broadcast and satellite communications, buildings, clean technology, digital gaming, embedded technology, financial technology, information and communication technology, the Internet of Things, smart city development, startups, and others. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and trends in these industries and how they can be used to create a more sustainable society. I encourage you to attend this important event and learn more about how we can work together to create a better future for all of us. Curious already? check out the list of participants here

Eminent Speakers

Eminent speakers from across the technology and infrastructure domains will converge at a key event to share their wisdom with the public and private sectors. Mr Nitin Gadkari, P Balaji, Deepak Bagla and many others will be in attendance to provide their knowledge and experience to attendees. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s leading experts and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in these fields. Don’t miss out on this chance to reap the benefits of their wisdom! Check out the complete list of speakers at the event here


The Clean India Expo is an incredible event that showcases the potential of India to become a leader in sustainability. It is inspiring to see how many companies, organizations, and individuals are coming together to promote and discuss solutions for creating a cleaner and greener future for India. The expo highlights the importance of collaboration between stakeholders from all sectors in order to create sustainable solutions that are both effective and achievable. I hope this event helps inspire people around the world to think about ways they can contribute towards making their own countries more sustainable. I’ll be there at the event, make sure you register here.

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